The fur company LENA keeps the high standards of service. It includes repair, remedial work, renovation of any fur or leather product. Our professionals will easily replace an old hook by the new one, change a zip, sew the armhole, put the new fasteners, shorten of the sleeves etc.

Variable weather conditions could make an unpleasant surprise for the fur coats owner. Suddenly it rains, and the fur becomes shriveled and hard. The model loses its own appearance.

But there is a solution. The LENA specialists will fix the odious place and restore your favorite fur product. In specific situations it is possible to replace the hard soaked material.

Have you ever thought about the fur coat renovation? Our company notes the orders for restoration of the old fur products. Professional tailors keep attention to all clients wishes and pick up the best renovating variant for the fur coat.

LENA Company restores products of all manufacturers!

Dry Cleaning

The natural fur coat is a real wealth. This warm fashion item emphasizes the beauty and social status of its owner. To be served for many years, it needs professional care, especially in the conditions of megapolis life. The fur losts in time its original shine because of air pollution and doggy weather.

A high-quality dry cleaning will restore fur in a short time, making it shining and fluffy again. The qualified LENA masters quickly return the model its colorful look.
The fur is gently restored by the safe equipment, delicate care products and manual cleaning. As a result, the fur coat acquires its original appearance and makes its owner happy again.

Some people try to clean the fur at home. It should be doing by no means, because the consequences of incorrect cleaning could be irreversible for a fur product. Also it is not recommended to wash, iron or dry the fur on the heater.

Our specialists have responsibility for the safety of the fur product. We guarantee the timely dry cleaning in accordance with high standards of service.

Cold Storage

The natural fur coat is an absolute necessity in Russian climate. This modern luxury item needs a special care and distinct rules of its wearing.

How to save the mink or sable fur coat for many years? This question becomes especially relevant in spring and summer, when temperature constantly changes, and insects appear. The fur coat also becomes crumpled and shapeless at the wardrobe.
The company LENA has the cold storage service for fur coats, jackets, hats and accessories. In our factory were created the special rooms, where the comfort temperature and moisture level are maintained all the year. LENA is the leader of cold storage service in St. Petersburg. Our specialists carry through all stages of this complex technology.
We take to the cold storage the fur coats from all manufacturers. The price depends on the storage time and valuation of the product. Warranty liability is necessarily included in payment.
Fur goods can be stored for the whole season or by the day.
At the clients request we return the model from manufacture within three days.
FROM 01.02.18 TILL 30.12.18
Mouton, Nutria, Rabbit Coat 30 000 RUB 3 500 RUB
Scandinavian Mink Coat 100 000 RUB 4 500 RUB
North American Mink Coat 250 000 RUB 7 500 RUB
Dark Sable Jacket №3S0 550 000 RUB 17 500 RUB
LENA has the best price for storage in Moscow and Saint Petersburg!

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