The fur company “LENA” was founded in 1988. Ilya Smirnov, its creator and permanent leader, dreamed of his own fur company all his life, which would stand on a par with famous Western brands. LENA company quickly became the leader and one of the best in St. Petersburg due to its selective quality of skins, first-class service and unique design of fur products.

Every year the company takes part in fur auctions, where the best quality skins are purchased. The most valuable is the fur of the dark Barguzin sable, products of which have become the trademark of the brand. Representatives of LENA repeatedly bought at auction TOP LOT of a dark-haired sable - the most expensive, rare and truly noble. Also the company owns a lot of diplomas, certificates and awards for active participation in auctions.

Stage stars, such as the French singer Mireille Mathieu, representatives of the western and eastern ruling dynasties also became the customers of the LENA. Products from sables were bought by Princess of Kent, Shaykh of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani, Queen of Thailand Sirikit. One of the most valuable for the company was an individual order for sewing fur coats from the rarest gray sable for Queen Sirikit. The best tailors sewed fur coats for 3 days and nights, as the order time was very limited. The product was handed over without pre-fitting. Queen Sirikit was very pleased.

The fur company LENA is focused on ensuring that all products comply with the latest world trends,  and they are stylish and relevant. Young talented designers create not only classic collections, but models with an unusual combination of colors and furs, which can surprise even the most sophisticated buyer. In 2017, the company  released collection of clothes, which included silk and woolen blouses and dresses, as well as cashmere jackets.

Experienced consultants will pick up a hat, a fur coat or an accessory individually for each client, will tell you how to properly care for the product so that it has served for many years.

Ultra-high quality of service has become a trademark of the brand. LENA is the only company in St. Petersburg that provides a full range of services:

- dry cleaning;

- restoration;

- cold storage of fur products;

- cross-cutting;

- custom tailoring.

The main principle of the company: "Every client is first and foremost a guest who needs to be given a truly royal reception."

The main experimental laboratory of the company LENA is located in the center of St. Petersburg, on the Petrograd side. Customers can evaluate the process of manufacturing of the entire range of company products. There are excursions, organized for foreign guests and visitors with the description of work kinds and the detailed story about the most valuable materials.

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